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Maccabi Tel Aviv Sport Club

Maccabi Tel Aviv Sport Club is a registered association uniting 13 Olympic sport branches and currently constituting the biggest sport association in Israel.

The association’s sport divisions have been active for dozens of years, grooming thousands of Israel champions, sportsmen and women and Olympic medalists in a wide variety of sports.

The divisions operate both group and competitive activity, at all age ranges - from children to adults - in accordance with the branch of sport.

The activity in the various divisions spreads over 20 facilities across Tel Aviv and its periphery and includes approx. 2000 active members, sportsmen and women and coaches.

The sports club motto is to hold competitive sport activities while maintaining educational, social and sporting values, under the slogan "One club ahead of the rest".

In our everyday activity we make every effort to realize this vision and accomplish the goals and objectives which are the foundations of the club.

Yellow-Blue Team

As part of the club's initiatives, the "Yellow-Blue" Team project has been established, aiming to promote the club's top quality sportsmen and women – highly talented sportspersons of excellent competitive potential.

In this project, leading sportsmen from the various divisions, who meet certain criteria, will join the "Yellow-Blue" Team which will grant them better professional conditions and unique benefits.


  • To assist the association's talented sportsmen in realizing their competitive potential.

  • To assist the club's sportsmen to establish a criterion of the Competitive Sport Unit in both domestic and international competitions, in order to be included in one of the unit's competitive teams (gold, special, senior, youth).

Project's objectives

  1. Setting criteria for the "Yellow-Blue" Team in all branches in coordination with coachers and heads of departments.

  2. Publishing the criteria to all the divisions, coaches, sportsmen and parents.

  3. Grooming the "Yellow-Blue" Team by providing a package of professional, scientific and medical services.

  4. Promoting the coach status, increasing his/her quality and emphasizing their significance in sportsmen's success.

  5. Close control and follow-up in respect of all topics related to the project.

  6. Raising money and sponsorships.

  7. Maintaining close relationship with the Wingate Institute Competitive Sport Unit.



  1. Close follow-up in respect of the activities and progress of the team's sportsmen.

  2. Professional and financial assistance to sportsmen included in the Yellow-Blue Team as well as support and control for the sportsmen's plans.

  3. Summary and analysis of the training and competitions process in conjunction with the relevant coaches in the framework of the project professional committee.

  4. Supporting coaches and professionals in coordination with the various divisions.

  5. Putting the sportspersons at the center of activity, by providing a professional-medical package of services, creating industrial peace and security by full realization of the plans which have been established by the professional team.

Project’s staff

Project chair – Baruch Fliker

Project manager – Avi Rash

Financial manager – Moshe Israeli

Professional committee chairman – Ilan Falachi

Professional committee members – Ilan Falachi, Avi Rash, Amir Nahum

Coordinator with Competitive Sport Unit – Ilan Falach.


Ilan Falachi, Triathlon Division Manager – proponent of the idea and partner in the planning and implementation of the project.

CPA Dorit Gabay, Marketing Division Manager – made an initial financial donation for implementation of the project (10 sportsmen) and provides considerable marketing and PR assistance in respect of the project in particular and of the club in general.

For the community

Established one year ago "Maccabi Tel Aviv for the Community" project is coordinated by Mrs. Nava Goldman, who joined the club to voluntarily assist with several projects.

The project comprises of various volunteering activities by sportsmen, coaches and management teams at certain institutes, hospitals and other institutions. Among the activities:

Sderot Procession

Club representatives participated in the famous procession to Sderot, during which club shirts have been distributed across the city by the club sportsmen and representatives. The representatives participated in a city center tour and purchased various products from the local businesses.

Visit to Tel Hashomer

In Hanukkah large representation from all sport divisions paid a moving visit to the rehabilitation and children wards at Tel Hashomer hospital. During the visit, the patients received gifts, which included candy packs donated by Elite, shirts and hats.


Near Gaza Volleyball

Upon the approach of the club’s volleyball team fan to hold a volleyball exhibition game for the near Gaza settlements, as a gesture to the residents, the team managers picked up the gauntlet, and on 18.9.08 an exhibition game was held in Sha'ar Hanegev. All the players from the adult volleyball team, the country champion team and the cap holder team took part in the exciting event, which enjoyed great attendance of the nearby residents, the mayor and many others. During the event, the players handed Maccabi hats, shirts and flags.


Adopting Akim members

During the last season, the weightlifting division adopted 3 Akim members, who arrived to the weightlifting hall on a weekly basis and enjoyed a one-hour training session with the club coach.

Adopting a family in Beer Sheva

During the last season the club adopted a 5-children struggling family from Beer Sheva, who has been living in extremely harsh conditions and has not been able to support itself and provide the children with their basic needs. In a fund raising campaign held among the club sportsmen, we raised numerous products, such as games and toys, writing utensils and bags, beddings, a closet and much more, which were all donated to the family.

As a leading sports club, which unites hundreds of sportsmen and active members, we saw fit to give back to the community as much as we can and we will continue to do so in the future, alongside our daily work.

Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division

Established in 1965 the Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division very rapidly changed the monotonous nature of this branch in the country. The team was uniquely prominent due to focusing on correct, efficient work on one hand and forging team spirit on the other. In 1967 the team won the state championship for the first time, and ever since it has been leading the branch in terms of constant achievements and innovation. In 1970 the team was joined by David Berger of blessed memory, who was murdered together with his co-members of the Munich Olympics team in 1972. In 1984, Meir Delouya represented Israel at the Los-Angeles Olympic games and reached the ninth place, and in Barcelona 1992 Andrei Denisov reached the sixth place.

The association has a unique youth department where the children learn all about correct posture and healthy workout at the gym for the purpose of enhancing their day to day abilities. The children as well as the parents find that training sessions at the gym in supporting peer conditions are far more efficient and improve both their physical and cognitive abilities. The workouts, combined with movement, harmonically improve strength and flexibility, maintain correct balance and improve athletic abilities. In addition, all students in the division have demonstrated improved social behavior and academic achievements.


Recently the team opened its gates to the wide public and hosts men and women of all ages who wish to hold correct free weightlifting gym workouts.

This activity will provide them with basic skills and render them correct and effective workout habits. Those who will excel will be able to join the competitive branch of Maccabi Tel Aviv Weightlifting Division and participate in national and international weightlifting competitions.

Professional team

The Maccabi Tel Aviv training team comprises of the best coaches in the country. All coaches have extensive experience and proven results over dozens of years. Our coaches are well experienced in building training programs for special needs: training children and youth, sessions for treating back/neck problems, dietary programs, treating overweigh and more.

Shuni (Alex) Mendel – 40-year experience in advanced coaching. Olympic coach as well as Israel team former coach. Israel champion and Israel former record-holder. Specially qualified in coaching children and youth. Unprecedented experience in accompanying sportsmen throughout the years, while coordinating training sessions according to changing needs.

Michal Cooper – 12-year experience in advanced coaching. Former coach of the Israel team. Israel champion and Israel former record-holder. Specializes in coaching women and young girls. Specializes in treating physical problems such as back, neck, joints. Specially qualified in osteopathy treatments.

Amir Nahum – 18-year experience in advanced coaching. Israel youth and cadet team former coach. Israel champion and Israel former record-holder.

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